Kagawa Roads of Shikoku

Shiudeyama Romance Road

Shiudeyama Romance Road

Shiudeyama is a famous cherry blossom spot.When you stand on the viewing platform on the mountain summit, the view leading up to the Seto Sea seems to be like a miniature garden.

Shiudeyama Romance Road (4.7 km)


Spots to photograph

Signboard of “Niita Castle Ruins”

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Nearby sightseeing spots

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    Shiudeyama has an altitude of 352 m.The summit is a flat-topped mesa lava plateau.Although famous as a place for cherry blossoms, many people visit the mountain all year round for the splendid view afforded from the viewing platform on the summit.The summit has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Places to Watch the Sunset.

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    Niita Castle Ruins

    It is said that there once was a castle here. The ruins of what appear to be a platform and a well built by the Taira Clan still remain.

  • The Hometown of Urashima Taro

    In the Shonai Peninsula, especially in the Namari and Hakko areas, the legend of Urashima Taro is deeply rooted.A number of places mentioned in the Taro Legend, such as Namari, Itonokoshi, Hako, Shodeyama, and others are located here. Hako, is also known as the Grave of Taro and his son.

  • Namari

    According to legend, Namari is the place where Urashima Taro was born.Sanbokojin, located on a platform, is the site of the Momote Festival, which has been designated as country’s important intangible folk-cultural asset.

  • Hako

    Hakoura is a small port that faces Bisan Seto.The port is flanked by a forest of beautiful ubame oak trees and the chalk-white Hakozaki lighthouse. Amidst this, you can see fishing boats quietly leaving and entering the port.

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