Kochi Roads of Shikoku

Akatsuchitouge Shishi Dappan Route

Akatsuchitouge Shishi Dappan Route

This course begins at the eastern entrance to the Naumann Karst and proceeds south, passing JR Togano Station, then north along the Yanasegawa River, a tributary of the Niyodogawa river, to National Highway 494, and then back to National Highway 494 after passing Akatsuchitouge, where Dappan Shishi Shugou-no-chi is located. Dappan Shishi Shugou-no-chi is where the nine Tosa-Sagawa Shinnoto loyalists, including Tetsui Hashimoto, Dairoku Ike, Osuke Ihara, Morima Nasu and Tatsuya Hamada (later Lord Mitsuaki Tanaka) gathered at Akado Pass and began their journey to secede from the feudal government. Tatsuya Hamada (later Lord Mitsuaki Tanaka) who studied under Zuizan Takeichi later fought alongside Shinsaku Takasugi of the Choshu domain against the Shogunate's Shogunate conquerors.

Akatsuchitouge Shishi Dappan Route(11.5km)


Spots to photograph

Stone monument of “Dappan Shishi Shugou-no-chi ”

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    Dappan Shishi Shugou-no-chi

    On August 14, 1864, five Sakawa loyalists, including Tatsuya Hamada (Mitsuaki Tanaka), who had gathered at the site, were so fired up by their desire to defeat the loyalists that they escaped over Kuromoriyama to Boshumitajiri, and were active in royal affairs.

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