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The road to Senba Sea Cliff

The road to Senba Sea Cliff

You can head toward Hiwasa Castle from Hiwasa JR Station while experiencing the whiz of ocean air. The town of Hiwasa is visible from Hiwasa Castle. The route along unending forest of Japanese white oak trees eventually spreads a view of the vast Pacific Ocean as you drive through while hearing the sound of waves lapping against the rocks and the calls of wild birds. You soon reach Toriiwa Resting Station to discover around 200 meters high grand view of the Senba Sea Cliffs, along with cruise ships passing through Toriiwa, people enjoying rock fishing, and flocks of Asian house martins. Senba Rest Station offers even more splendid view. This route further takes you to the village of Shirasawa and Yamagawachi Station through a dense forest of ubame oak, cedarwood, and cypress.

The road to Senba Sea Cliff(12.2km)


Spots to photograph

Toriiwa Rest Station

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Nearby sightseeing spots

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    Hiwasa Castle Ruin

    The castle is rumored to be built here around the Tengi period (1570 to 1573) to prevent the forces sent by Choso Kabe of Tosa province from invading the southern part of Awa. Located at the summit of Shiroyama, 62 meters above sea level, the majestic white castle tower stands tall in a quiet grove of trees and is visible from all parts of the town. This tower was built in 1978 to serve as an outdoor activity facility for workers in Hiwasa. The castle has a gallery for visitors to enjoy a panoramic view of the town. Shiroyama has the most impressive cherry blossoms in the town and attracts the crowd from late March to early April during cherry blossom season.

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    Senba Sea Cliff

    Most of the sea cliffs of Hiwasa are steeply inclined coastlines. The remarkable and iconic Senba Sea Cliffs, which are a series of cliffs about 200 m high along a 2 km coastline from Oiso to Tonomui, make for a spectacular sight. Especially, the vertical sea cliff near Senbagatake (245 m above sea level) is one of the largest cliffs in Japan. These cliffs are listed as special protection zone along with Muroto City within the Muroto anan kaigan kokutei Park. The rock faces have barely any trees and shrubs, upper part of the mountain and the folds of the shoreline are covered with pine trees and ubame oak, which makes an optimal habitat for sea cows. Toriiwa located at the base of the Senba Sea Cliff, is a 20-meter-high rock island with a cave that runs through the lower part of the island.

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    Roadside Station Hiwasa

    Located at the center of the city, the area is near the "Hiwasa Station" on the JR Mugi line which is the end of the Shikoku Road "White Sand and Sea Turtle Path" and the start of the "Path Overlooking the Senba Kaigai cliffs." The rest area has a museum that has an information corner, a product corner, and a corner dedicated to the exchange between sister cities. It also has a "Farm Fresh Stall" where you can buy local specialties and a "Hot Spring Footbath" where you can rest your feet during your pilgrimage, drive, or hike. The area is organized as a core tourism zone in the southern part of the prefecture.

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    Umigame Marine Cruise

    Enjoy the local legends and folktales with a guide as you experience the beauty of the Muroto-Anan Quasi-National Park on this cruise. Fishermen from the local fishermen's association take turns running the cruise boat between fishing and crossing to the beach. Starting with Ohama Beach, a sea turtle spawning ground, you will visit scenic places such as the Senba Cliffs and the Ebisu Cave, which is a huge 30-meter-tall cave. You can also enjoy a "fisherman's meal" prepared only for passengers.

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