Kagawa Roads of Shikoku

Mountain Village Road

Mountain Village Road

Yamazato no michi is a 3.4 km long undulating course from JR Sanuki Aioi Station to the border of the Tokushima Prefecture by walking along the old road of Osaka-goe. It takes about an hour and half along with breaks. From the prefecture border, it continues to Tokushima Prefecture’s “Yamazato no michi”, and although there are some steep mountain roads to JR Awa Omiya Station, it takes about 2 hours to walk at a leisurely pace along with breaks. To the north of the Osaka-toge pass on the prefecture border, there is the Osaka-toge Park in Seto Inland Sea National Park, and the view from the observational deck is exceptional. Make sure to pay a visit there.

Mountain Village Road(3.4km)


Spots to photograph

Commentary board of “Minatomachi Hiketa”

If you wish to receive a certificate, please take a photo that includes yourself at the designated photo point for each course.

Nearby sightseeing spots

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    JR Sanuki Aioi Station

    The easternmost station in Kagawa prefecture. Aioi fishing port is at the end of National Route 11. The scent of the tide drifts in the air, and the sound of the engines of fishing boats coming in and out of Aioi fishing port evokes the feeling of travel. On the coast that stretches for about 1 km from east to west, you can see the Harimanada, which spreads out into the deep blue, the three small islands floating in it, and depending on the weather, the Shodoshima island and even Honshu at a distance. You can spend a peaceful time with beautiful scenery. In addition, the production of Wasanbon sugar, which was one of the Sanuki Sanpaku (sugar, salt, cotton) at one time, is still alive today as a traditional industry.

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    Kosaka Shrine

    This shrine is located 500 meters southeast of JR Sanuki Aioi Station. From Kosaka Shrine to the prefectural border, there is a fence to prevent wild boars from entering the forest of Quercus phillyraeoides. Properly close the fence that you opened while walking on the road.

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    Observation Rest Area

    A rest area is about 150 m side from the old road. You can see an evocative beauty of the contrast between the Kenashijima, Tsuunenjima and the rock surface and greenery of Matsushima, and the blue Seto Inland Sea from here. The rice you eat while feeling a comfortable breeze under the blue sky will be exceptional and you will be satisfied.

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    Setonaikai National Park Osaka Pass Park

    Setonaikai National Park Osaka Pass Park is located at the top of Osaka Pass on the prefectural road. There is a monument of Shigeru Nanbara, the former president of the University of Tokyo, and a starting platform for paragliding. From the observation deck, you can enjoy a panorama view of the Seto Inland Sea, including the cityscape of Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, the idyllic rural scenery, Awaji Island and Shodoshima Island. The beautiful and open scenery that spreads out in front of you will soothe your heart.

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Travelers who have completed all routes in Shikoku
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After reviewing your application, we will issue you a certificate for having completed all routes in Shikoku.

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