Ehime Roads of Shikoku

Pilgrimage Road over the Kumago Pass

Pilgrimage Road over the Kumago Pass

Although this route is short, it crosses the Senbon Pass en route to the Joruriji Temple (temple No. 46) from Iwayaji (Temple) (temple No. 45). You will need to descend and climb up to circumvent road closures that are in place at present, making it a very rewarding walk. Many Japanese visitors return to Daihoji Temple before heading to Joruriji Temple. This route is very popular among foreigners as it is short and has retained its past charm. You can see the cityscape of Kumakogen City, including the starry skies and sea of ​​clouds from the Minshuku Takano Observation Deck neighboring the Takano Rest Area and the Senbonkogen Camping Ground.

Pilgrimage Road over the Kumago Pass(4.9km)


Spots to photograph

Takano Rest Area

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Nearby sightseeing spots

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    Kawai Rest Area

    The Kawai Rest Area is a little further down from Prefectural Route 12. Around 1900, 15 inns and lodges were built for pilgrims in this area, and it is said that at peak times, these establishments were busy welcoming 300 guests every night. There are no traces of that era left today. However, there are public restrooms that are well-maintained by the locals. Be sure to use these facilities as the route heads up a mountain path from this point.

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    Senbonkogen Camping Ground

    Senbonkogen Camping Ground is a popular place to experience the refreshing highland breeze. The camping ground has a kitchen and restrooms. You can enjoy day camping, sleep in a tent, or spend the night in your vehicle at a low price. You can rent camping equipment here, so you can enjoy camping even if you have not brought anything with you. The Shikoku Mountains are visible in the distance. You can enjoy a lovely starry sky at night and a magical, misty landscape just before daybreak.

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    the Sennbon Toge Pass The mountain trail

    leading to the Sennbon Toge Pass has a magical atmosphere with light shining through the gaps in groves of trees. The area around the Sennbon Pass may be closed because the geology of the area is fragile and there have been many landslides in the past. Follow the arrows along the pilgrimage route and the signposts on the Shikokunomichi (Shikoku Trails) to avoid getting lost.

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    Takano Rest Area (Takano (Airbnb))

    There are public restrooms and a pavilion at the Takano Rest Area near the summit.

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    Minshuku Takano Observation Deck

    There is a guesthouse called "Takano Observation Deck" adjacent to the Takano Rest Area, where you can stay overnight. This is a popular place to see starry skies, a sea of clouds, and the ginkgo forest. The view of the Kumakogen town from the observation deck is spectacular.

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    Public Restrooms

    There are well-maintained public restrooms near the Kuma River bridge. Be sure to use these facilities before heading towards the Misakatoge Pass.

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    Historic Site Kosai Canal

    Near the end of the trail, there is a stone monument inscribed with the words "Kosai Canal Monument." Kosai Canal is a historic site designated by the Prefecture and is an irrigation canal built during the Edo period to alleviate water shortages upstream of the Kumagawa River that flows through Kumakogen Town. Kosai Yamanouchi, a merchant from the mid-Edo period, gave up his personal property to carve out a solid rock and create an irrigation canal. This place, which tells the story of Kosai Yamanouchi's great achievements, has been maintained as a park and is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing in spring.

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    End point: Kousai Bus Stop

    You have reached National Highway 33. From here, head north towards the Misakatoge Pass.

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