Kochi Roads of Shikoku

Gosha Road

Gosha Road

Starting in Kageno, passing through Shimanto-cho and then following the Shimanto River on the nearly parallel National Road No. 56, this course is 15.0-km long and takes you to south to Kubokawa, Shimanto-cho. It is located away from the national road, so there is very little traffic and you can feel becoming one with the views of the fields and bubbling brooks as you walk.
About 30 minutes from the starting point, you’ll reach Hirohachi Shanoki - a giant, 700-year old tree that is also a designated national natural monument.
Walk a bit farther to arrive at Takaoka Shrine (5 shrines). There are rows of massive trees in the area that creates a solemn atmosphere.
The 37th temple out of the 88 temples in the Shikoku Pilgrimage, Iwamoto Temple, located right in front of the destination, is well-known nationwide for its ceiling paintings.

Gosha Road(15.0km)


Spots to photograph

Hirohachi Shanoki Name Board

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Nearby sightseeing spots

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    Hirohachi Shanoki

    This is a giant tree designated as a national natural monument in August 1943 that has a 4.8-m circumference and is 16-m tall. It is estimated to be 700 years old and is also known as a Styrax tree or Niida’s Hirohachi Shanoki. There is a large cavern in the, core and during warm seasons, the leaves turn vibrant green.

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    These are the camellias planted around the grave of Oyuki, the daughter of a lord around the Kanei era. The love story associated with Oyuki, a 380-year old tree, is still told today. Although the tree was designated as a National Natural Monument in 2018, it was declared dead and due to danger of it falling down, it had to be pruned in 2021.

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    Dangerous Crossing

    There are frequent sightings of wild animals such as boar, who destroy the crops. Therefore, measures have been taken by installing a gate with steel doors. Make sure to close it after passing through.

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    Takaoka Shrine

    Other names include the Five Niida Shrines and from the right, individual shrines such as Todaigu (Ichinomiya), Imadai Jingu (Ninomiya), Nakanomiya (Sannnomiya), Imamiya (Yonnomiya), and Morinomiya (Gonomiya) line Prefectural Road 322, each enshrining its own deity. These five shrines are collectively known as Takaoka Shrine. The official name is Niida Shrine, but the locals refer to it as "5 Shrines."

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    Iwamotoji Temple

    This temple belongs to the Shingon-shu Chisan-ha sect of Buddhism and is called Fujii-san Gochi-in. The five deities worshipped in this temple are Fudo Myoo, Sho Kanzeon Bosatsu, Amida Nyorai, Yakushi Nyorai, and Jizo Bosatsu. This is temple No. 37 of the 88 temples in the Shikoku Pilgrimage.
    When it was first built in Showa 53 (1978), the ceiling of the temple was adorned with 575 paintings ranging from paintings based on traditional themes of natural beauty in Japanese aesthetics (flowers, birds, wind, and moon) to human mandalas that were solicited from across the country. This temple showcases a rare combination of tradition and art.

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