Kochi Roads of Shikoku

Road to Tanoura and Shimoda

Road to Tanoura and Shimoda

The route that heads down south on Prefectural Road 42, leaving Irino Matsubara behind, goes through Tanoura Bay, down the mountain road and then along the Futami and Hirano Bay beaches, and finally arrives at Shimoda Ferry after crossing the Shimanto River. The entire course takes about three hours.
Partway through the course, a beautiful beach (sandy beach) welcomes you, where you’ll come across many surfers. Surfers come here not only from within Shikoku but from other prefectures as well.
Once you approach the end of the course, you’ll enter Shimoda and you can view Yurin Park built on the peak of Koyama. Shimoda was a prosperous port city that shipped foresting goods from the luscious Shimanto River to the Kansai area, and you can see the shadows of the past in warehouses and masonry walls used for Tosa mortar.

Road to Tanoura and Shimoda(12.1km)


Spots to photograph

Yurin Park Name Board

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Nearby sightseeing spots

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    Futami Surfing Beach

    Hirano Surfing Beach, which is famous for surfing, is on the east side. Many surfers from other prefectures frequent this beach. The beach is enclosed with boulders, creating a dynamic natural experience.

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    Hirano Surfing Beach

    This is a major beach in the western area of Kochi prefecture where a big surfing contest is held every year, so many surfers come here daily to practice. There is a web camera set up at Hirano Surf Beach, so you can check the waves before heading out.

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    Yurin Park

    At the beginning of the Showa era, Nishizawa Rinnosuke purchased and leveled this land to make a park as a gift to the town where people could relax. From the park, you can overlook the townscape of Shimoda, Shimanto River and the Pacific Ocean. You can also enjoy cherry blossoms in Spring.

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    Kifune Shrine

    Grateful for landing safely at this port, Imperial Prince Takayoshi, son of Emperor Go-Daigo, built this shrine on Kibune Mountain, and offered a mirror and spear for which rituals were performed on Kurama Mountain in Kyoto. This temple is known as Kibune Daimyojin and is honored as the deity that protects people on the sea. Now, it is called Kibune Shrine. The deity is celebrated at summer and autumn festivals every year as the Grand Guardian of Shimoda and called affectionately by the nickname "Kibune-san."

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    Shimoda Ferry

    This ferry connects the 1.2 km distance between Shimoda and Hatsuzaki, across the bay. Previously, the ferry was operated by the city and used by citizens for transport. The number of customers decreased drastically when a bridge was built upstream over the Shimanto River, and the ferry was to be abolished in Heisei 17 (2005), but it was reinstated in Heisei 21 (2009) by the "Shimoda Ferry Maintenance Group" and still runs today.

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