The Roads of Shikoku Course List

Tokushima Courses

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Course Name
A View of the Whirlpools Road
Tosadomariura, Naruto Town, Naruto City to Kitadomari, Seto Town, Naruto City
Magosaki to Tea Garden to Ogeyama to Horikoshi Bridge to Muro to Oshimada to Rest Area to Konarutoshinbashi
Osayama Sightseeing Road
Bando, Oasa Town, Naruto City to Hinoki, Oasa Town, Naruto City 
Ryozenji Temple to Oasa Hiko Shrine to Mt. Oasa Trailhead to Mt. Oasa Junction to Utatsugoe to German House to German Village Park to Hinoki
The Historic Awa Road
Otani, Oasa Town, Naruto City to Otera, Itano Town
Otani, Oasa Town to Torin-in Temple to Awa Shrin to Cremation Mound of Retired Emperor Tsuchimikado to Amano Kawawake Shrine Burial Mound to Ryozenji Temple to Gokurakuji Temple to Suwa Shrine to Kinsenji Temple
Yamazato Road
Inubushi, Itano Town to Ozu, Kitanada Town, Naruto City
Inubushi to Zozadani to Jokomaru Lake to Ruins of Osaka Pass Guard Station to Osaka Pass to Kagawa Prefecture Border
Mountain Temple Road
Nato, Itano Town to Hikino, Kamiita Town  
Nato, Itano Town to Aizenin Temple to Aizenan to Mountain Shrine to First Viewpoint to Second Viewpoint to Third Viewpoint to Oyama Youth Outdoor Activity Center to Onamuchi Shrine to Daiyama Park to Awa Wasanbon Food Museum to Livestock Research Center to Takeshige Bridge to Anrakuji Temple
Hilly area Orchard Path
Hikino, Kamiita Town to Miyagawauchi, Donari Town, Awa City
Anrakuji Temple to Kumano Shrine to Jurakuji Temple to Takaodani Bridge to Magose Lake to Magose Pass to Misaka Bridge to Miyagawauchi Dam to Hirama 
Pilgrimage Route from the Gorge
Miyagawauchi, Donari Town, Awa City to Kirihata (Aza) Kenzan, Ichiba Town, Awa City 
Hirama to Yukokuji Temple to Horinji Temple to Akizuki Castle Ruins to Kirihataji Temple
A Talk with Shikoku Saburo Road
Kirihata (Aza) Kenzan, Ichiba Town, Awa City to Inoo, Kamojima Town, Yoshinogawa City 
Kirihataji Temple to Yoshino River Onojima Low-water Crossing Bridge to Yoshino River Kawashima Low-water Crossing Bridge to Kawashima Park to National Tokushima Sanatorium to Fujii Temple
Shosan-ji Gorge Pilgrimage Route
Inoo, Kamojima Town Yoshinogawa City to Shimobun, Kamiyama Town
Fujii Temple to Chodoan to Ryosuian to Ipponsugian to Shosanji Temple to Fujino Gunsei to Emon Saburo Joshinan to Nabego
Shibagoya/Asahigamaru Watershed Road
Jinryo, Kamiyama Town to Kami, Sanagochi Village
Yorii to Amagoi Falls to Higanji Temple to Shibakoya Rest Area to Amaga Falls Rest Area to Umenoki Pass to Asahigamaru to Okawara Kogen to Miyamae
Bird-Watching Road
Kami, Sanagochi Village to Shimo, Sanagochi Village
Miyamae to Okawara Kogen to Nakayama Rest Area to Tsuetate 11 Genetsu to Tokuenji Temple to Saga
Natural Forest Path
Shimo, Sanagochi Village to Hata Town, Tokushima City
Saga to Tokuenji Temple to Tsuetate Gongengoe to Barao Rest Area to Barao Pass to Hatago Falls to Rural Stage to Inukai
Nakatsumine Sangoe Trail
Hata Town, Tokushima City to (Oaza) Ikuna, Katsuura Town
Inukai to Rural Stage to Hatago Falls to Nyoirinji Temple/Nakatsumine Forest Park to Mt. Nakatsumine Summit to Hotokeishi to Hoshinoiwaya to Ikuna
Mikan Hatake Road
(Oaza) Ikuna, Katsuura Town to Oi Town, Anan City
Ikuna to Mizunomi Daishi to Kakurinji Temple to Oi Rest Area to Oi
Deep Mountain and Secluded Valley Pilgrimage Route
Oi Town, Anan City to Asebi Town, Anan City
Oi to Wakasugiyama Ruins to Tairyuji Temple to Asebi
Bamboo Groves and the Scent of Sudachi Citrus Road
Asebi Town, Anan City to Fukui Town, Anan City
Asebi to Daikon Pass to Byodoji Temple to Tsukiyo Omizu Daishi to Kaneuchi Bridge to JR Awa Fukui Station
Mt. Myojin Ounabara Path
Fukui Town, Anan City to Abu, Minami Town
JR Awa Fukui Station to Sendougadani to Mt. Myojin to Abu
Yuki Abe Sea Roar Road
Abu, Minami Town to Nishinoji, Minami Town
Abu to Abu Rest Area to Shiobuki Rest Area to JR Yuki Station
White Sand and Sea Turtle Path
Nishinoji, Minami Town to Okugawauchi, Minami Town
JR Yuki Station to Hannyaji Temple to Tainohama Beach to Mitsuishi Shrine to Shirahama to Asebinohana Rest Area to Ebisudo to Ohama Beach to Oiwa to JR Hiwasa Station
The road to Senba Sea Cliff
Okugawauchi, Minami Town to Yamagawauchi, Minami Town
JR Hiwasa Station to Hiwasa Castle to Yubinohana Rest Area to Oiso Rest Area to Arase Rest Area to Toriiwa Rest Area to Senba Rest Area to JR Yamagawachi Station
Sea Breeze Road
Yamagawauchi, Minami Town to (Oaza) Nakamura, Mugi Town
JR Yamagawachi Station to Shirasawa to Pass to Oshima Viewpoint to Mizuochi to Old Mugi Rest Area to Kobari Cape Rest Area to JR Mugi Station
Scent of Salt Spray on Yasakayahama Beach
(Oaza) Nakamura, Mugi Town to Asakawa, Kaiyo Town
JR Mugi Station to Uchizuma Beach to Saba Daishi to Osuna Beach to Kashima-so to JR Asakawa Station
Vast Matsubara’s Path
Asakawa, Kaiyo Town to Okuura, Kaiyo Town
JR Asakwa Station to Jao Shrine to Ebigaike Rest Area to Osato Matsubara Beach to Atagoyama Rest Area to Nasa Rest Area to JR Kaifu Station
Waterbed Exploration Path
Okuura, Kaiyo Town to Shishikuiura, Kaiyo Town
JR Kaifu Station to Nasa Bay to Shishikui Bridge to Suzugamine to Kasekirenkon to Underwater Rest Area to Takegashima Rest Area to Kochi Prefectural Border

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Special System to recognize The Roads of Shikoku travelers

Travelers who have completed a prefectural route
Under this system, a certificate is issued to everyone who has completed all the routes of the The Roads of Shikoku on foot in a single prefecture.
If you wish to receive this certificate, please take a photo of yourself (the applicant) at the designated photo checkpoints (the mark for photo checkpoints) along each route. After gathering the required photos for all the routes, write a simple comment on your thoughts regarding the route on each photo as well as your address, full name, age, and the dates on which the photos along the route were taken, and submit them to the representative for the prefecture where the route is found.
After reviewing your application, we will issue you a certificate for having completed the prefectural course.
Travelers who have completed all routes in Shikoku
If you have completed all the routes in the four prefectures of Shikoku, please submit your certificate for each of the four prefectures to the representative for any prefecture.
After reviewing your application, we will issue you a certificate for having completed all routes in Shikoku.

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