The Roads of Shikoku Course List

Ehime Courses

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Course Name
The Old Sukumokaido Road
Ogawa, Ainan Town to Mishohirajo, Ainan Town
Matsuo Pass Rest Area to Matsuo Pass Exit to Ipponmatsu Rest Area to Ainan Town Ipponmatsu Branch to Omiya Shrine to Toyota to Shiorian Bridge to Kanei Bridge (No. 40 Kanjizaiji Temple) to Nanreku Misho Park
The Old Pilgrimage Road/Kashiwazakagoe Road
Kashiwa, Ainan Town to Kamihataji, Tsushima Town, Uwajima City
Kashiwa (National Route No. 56) to Kashiwazaka Rest Area to Chado Rest Area to Daimon (National Route 56)
The Road to the Two Mima Basin Temples
Hazame, Mima Town, Uwajima City to Shimokawa, Uwa Town, Seiyo City
Muden Station to Ryukoji Temple No. 41 to Main Village Center to Butsumokuji Temple No. 42 to Hanaga Pass Rest Area to Hanaga Pass
Hokezu Bay Observation Corridor
Shimokawa, Uwa Town, Seiyo City to Fukaura, Yoshida Town, Uwajima City
Hanaga Pass to Mt. Takamori Rest Area to Hoketsu Pass Rest Area to Nofuku Pass Rest Area to Nofuku Pass to Nanahonmatsu Bus Stop Ruins
The Pilgrimage Road to the Home of Uwa Culture
Shimokawa, Uwa Town, Seiyo City to Shimomatsuba, Uwa Town, Seiyo City
Hanaga Pass to Hanaga Tunnel to Hanaga Rest Area to Meisekiji Temple No. 43 to Kaimei Gakko Bunkano Sato to JR Kamiuwa Station
Uwa Basin Four Seasons Road
Shimomatsuba, Uwa Town, Seiyo City to Inazumi, Ozu City
JR Kamiuwa Station to Torisaka Rest Area to Torisakak Pass, Ozu City
Road along the Hiji River
Kitatada, Ozu City to Kitayama, Ozu City
Kitatada to Garyuen to Hijikawa Rest Area to Hijikawa Greenery Park to Goro Bridge to Toyogabashi Daishido to Niiya to Tago to Yaraku Bridge
Yokaichi Historical Road
Kitayama, Ozu City to Iyoki, Uchiko Town
Kurochibo to Uchiko Athletic Park to Yokaichi Townscape to Mitomori Pass Rest Area to Tomiura
Pilgrimage Road Leading to Kumago Mountain Temple
Nimyo, Kumakogen Town to Shimohatanokawa, Kumakogen Town
Miyanari to Yurano Rest Area to Tokita Pass Rest Area to Kumakogen Town Office to Daihoji Temple No. 44 to Naka Pass Rest Area to Kawai
Mountain Village Pilgrimage Road
Shimohatanokawa, Kumakogen Town to Naose, Kumakogen Town
Kawai to Furusato Travel Village to Highland Entrance Rest Area to Hacchouzaka Summit Rest Area to Iwayaji Temple No. 45 to Tochino Jurin to People’s Inn Furuiwasou to Hacchouzaka Entrance Rest Area
Pilgrimage Road over the Kumago Pass
Shimohatanokawa, Kumakogen Town to Irino, Kumakogen Town
Kawai to Takano Rest Area to Kosai
Road Going Down the Old Misaka Pass
Higashimyojin, Kumakogen Town to Jorurimachi, Matsuyama City
Misaka Pass to Sakura Rest Area to Tamba to Joruri Temple No. 46 to Yasaka Temple No. 47
Road to Setokaze Pass
2 Ishite, Matsuyama City to Sugezawamachi, Matsuyama City
Ishite Temple No. 51 to Setokaze Pass to Idai to Sugasawa (Gomyo Elementary School)
Mt. Takanawa Bird-watching Road
Sugezawamachi, Matsuyama City to Tateiwakomenono, Matsuyama City
Sugasawa (Gomyo Elementary School) to Kojigatoge Rest Area to Ishiga Pass to Takanawaji Temple
Road to Kitasanpogamori
Tateiwakomenono, Matsuyama City to Tatsuoka Tamagawa Town, Imabari City
Takanawaji Temple to Kitasanpougamori Rest Area to Mizugaseki Pass to Kiji
Road to Mt. Narabara
Tatsuoka, Tamagawa Town, Imabari City to Kiji, Tamagawa Town, Imabari City
Kiji to Mt. Narahara to Kamikiji to Shimokiji
Road to Sakureizan Senyuji Temple
Kiji, Tamagawa Town, Imabari City to Betsusho, Tamagawa Town, Imabari City
Shimokiji to Nibukawa Hot Spring Rest Area to Naranoki to Madono Pass to Senyuji Temple Rest Area to Senyuji Temple No. 58
Kokubu and Karakohama Trail
Betsusho, Tamagawa Town, Imabari City to 2 Furukokubu, Imabari City
Senyuji Temple No. 58 to Kichijoji to Kokubu Rest Area to Kokubunji Temple No. 59 to Tomb of Wakiya Yoshisuke to Karako Beach
Sazanami Tansho Route
2 Furukokubu, Imabari City to Magobeesaku, Imabari City
Karako Beach to Shishimagahara (Sakurai Rest Area) to Stone Bath Rest Area to Kyukamura Setouchi Toyo to Wetland Soil Production Site to Ioike Rest Area
Road to Yokomine Temple: Shikoku’s Most Difficult Path
Oto, Komatsu Town, Seijo City to Ishizuchi, Komatsu Town, Seijo City
Oto to Yunami Rest Area to Furubo Rest Area to Yokomineji Temple No. 60
The Road to Kouonji Temple, Temple No. 61
Ishizuchi, Komatsu Town, Seijo City to Shinyashiki/Himiotsu, Komatsu Town, Seijo City
Yokomineji Temple No. 60 to Koenji Temple Okunoin Rest Area to Otani Lake to Koenji Temple No. 61 to Hojuji Temple No. 62 to Kondo Tokuzan Ruins to Old Saijo City/Old Komatsu Town Border
Heritage and Historic Trail
Shinyashiki/Himiotsu, Komatsu Town, Seijo City to Nakanoko, Seijo City
Old Saijo City/Old Komatsu Town Border to Kichijoji Temple No. 63 to Amidaji Temple Rest Area to Ishizuchi Shrine to Maegamiji Temple No. 64 to Saijo Rest Area (=> Isono Shrine) to Iso Bridge (Melody Bridge)
Green Road of the City of Water
Nakanoko, Seijo City to Iioka, Seijo City
Iso Bridge (Melody Bridge) to Bujo Park Rest Area to Jizobaru Rest Area to Oshimoriji Temple Rest Area to Shutoan Rest Area to National Route No. 11
Road Along the Old National Highway
Ueno, Doi Town, Shikokuchuo City to Noda, Doi Town, Shikokuchuo City
Sekinohara (to Senzoku Shrine) to Enmeiji Temple to Kondo Tokuzan’s Birthplace to Murayama Shrine to Morikubi
Uma Plain: Road at the Base of the Mountain
Toyoda, Toyooka Town, Shikokuchuo City to Sankakuji, Kanada Town, Shikokuchuo City
Toyota to Jissoji Temple to Shinchokokuji Temple to Hachiojisha to Irino Lake to Kojin Forest to Komyoji Temple (Yamada Yakushido) to Mishima Park to Togawa Park (Sosui Park) to Sankakuji Temple No. 65
Road from Sankakuji Temple to Tsubakido
Sankakuji, Kanada Town, Shikokuchuo City to Shimoyama, Kawataki Town, Shikokuchuo City
Sankakuji Temple No. 65 to Higashikanagawa Rest Area to Tsubakido to National Route No. 192
Road to Umpen Temple
Shimoyama, Kawataki Town, Shikokuchuo City to Shimoyama, Kawataki Town, Shikokuchuo City
Shichida (National Route No. 192) to Prefectural Border (to Unpenji Temple No. 66)
Shikoku Karst Route No. 1
Shimohatanokawa, Kumakogen Town to Nakakuroiwa, Kumakogen Town
Kawai to Kawai Rest Area to Kawaguchi to Kamikuroiwa Ruins Rest Area to Mimidodaki to Mt. Sozu
Shikoku Karst Route No. 2
Nakakuroiwa, Kumakogen Town to Hinoura, Kumakogen Town
Mt. Sozu to Komyoji Temple to Otani to Mikawa Ski Resort Rest Area
Shikoku Karst Route No. 3
Hinoura, Kumakogen Town to Nakagawa, Uchiko Town
Mikawa Ski Resort Rest Area to Hojiga Pass to Okegoya to Odamiyama Rest Area
Shikoku Karst Route No. 4
Nakagawa, Uchiko Town to Onogahara, Nomura Town, Seiyo City
Odamiyama Rest Area to Komi to Onogahara Rest Area to Buna Genseirin
Shikoku Karst Route No. 5
Onogahara, Nomura Town, Seiyo City to Nishidani, Kumakogen Town
Komatsu to Jiyoshi Pass
Shikoku Karst Route No. 6
Nishidani, Kumakogen Town to Nishidani, Kumakogen Town
Jiyoshi Pass to Medurudaira Rest Area to Godanjo to Tenguso Local Inn

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Special System to recognize The Roads of Shikoku travelers

Travelers who have completed a prefectural route
Under this system, a certificate is issued to everyone who has completed all the routes of the The Roads of Shikoku on foot in a single prefecture.
If you wish to receive this certificate, please take a photo of yourself (the applicant) at the designated photo checkpoints (the mark for photo checkpoints) along each route. After gathering the required photos for all the routes, write a simple comment on your thoughts regarding the route on each photo as well as your address, full name, age, and the dates on which the photos along the route were taken, and submit them to the representative for the prefecture where the route is found.
After reviewing your application, we will issue you a certificate for having completed the prefectural course.
Travelers who have completed all routes in Shikoku
If you have completed all the routes in the four prefectures of Shikoku, please submit your certificate for each of the four prefectures to the representative for any prefecture.
After reviewing your application, we will issue you a certificate for having completed all routes in Shikoku.

Click here to contact the representative for each prefecture

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