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The Shikoku no Michi in Kochi Prefecture brings you to the breathtaking coastlines of Cape Ashizuri and Yokonami Peninsula (which has a ria coast), the meandering Shimanto River as well as Shikoku Karst whose reflection can be seen in the river’s headwaters, the limestone cave Ryuga Cave, and various other natural and historical sites. The entire trail comprises 38 different routes with a total length of 600km.

Shikoku no Michi in different prefectures

Special System to recognize The Roads of Shikoku travelers

Travelers who have completed a prefectural route
Under this system, a certificate is issued to everyone who has completed all the routes of the The Roads of Shikoku on foot in a single prefecture.
If you wish to receive this certificate, please take a photo of yourself (the applicant) at the designated photo checkpoints (the mark for photo checkpoints) along each route. After gathering the required photos for all the routes, write a simple comment on your thoughts regarding the route on each photo as well as your address, full name, age, and the dates on which the photos along the route were taken, and submit them to the representative for the prefecture where the route is found.
After reviewing your application, we will issue you a certificate for having completed the prefectural course.
Travelers who have completed all routes in Shikoku
If you have completed all the routes in the four prefectures of Shikoku, please submit your certificate for each of the four prefectures to the representative for any prefecture.
After reviewing your application, we will issue you a certificate for having completed all routes in Shikoku.

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